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Does my friend want to be a lover? What does my lover intend with me? Is marriage in my future? Is my lover cheating? When will we connect again? Will I get a new job? Love, Money, Career questions...Call now for answers.

FAST, ACCURATE & HONEST!! I can read your partners heart & intentions. Where's your LOVE LIFE headed? Allow me to turn your QUESTIONS into ANSWERS

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10 mins all questions answered

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25$ 25 mins past present and future reading

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    fort lee new jersey

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    FAST, ACCURATE & HONEST!! I can read your partners heart & intentions. Where's your LOVE LIFE headed? Allow me to turn your QUESTIONS into ANSWERS

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    it is time to let Claudia, show you the way. For more than 30 years, thousands of people worldwide including Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities, Congressmen and U.S. Presidents have sought out world psychic guidance and powerful insights to enrich their careers and personal lives I possess the ability to sense and understand the use of the five senses. I am certified to perform and practice various specific phases and modes of psyches I have a high code of ethics to protect the confidence of my client I also have worked as a spirit medium I possess the knowledge necessary to examine the world of spirit communications and manifestations through an analytical and scientific approach

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    Reading tarot is more than just fortune telling it is also a form of counseling. it describes a journey that mirrors your path of life usually the story is a direct description of what is going to happen tomorrow although talented readers can tell you much more than that from looking at the symbols in the cards. The true purpose of the cards is to construct a future narrative so that you can make decisions to change your fate. I shuffle the cards and lay them out in a specific pattern usually called a spread this can be compared to a snapshot or map of you life each card position in the layout of the spread represents a characteristic of the situation in question-what forces are beyond your control. What are your particular strengths in the situation, and what is the likely outcome. The entire system of tarot cards can be compared to wise friend who we can turn to when we wish to make a wise decision regarding a relationship or career.

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Psychic Claudia's reviews

  • selen


  • anonymous

    She connected with the issues very well. Without me telling her that we haven't spoken for almost 2 months, she knew this distance issue and his issue with his previous relationship. Hope the predictions come to pass. Thank you so much. :)

  • sibuna82

    Excellent. Thanks!!!!!

  • listensinthemountains


  • eroncherry


  • alba

    Have faith in her reading. Waiting for prediction to pan out.

  • rosy83

    First time but really nice person she answered all my questions. I’m glad I contacted her.

  • ccart

    Wonderful accurate insight

  • queenie1

    Very kind

  • anonymous

    Ms Claudia is a wonderful person. She kept me at ease, and answered my questions to the best of her abilities. She is such a sweetheart, and I hope to continue our wonderful sessions.

  • abradbury07

    This reading was longer but also a bit all over the place, maybe it was because my emotions were very scattered but because of that I don't feel some of my questions got answered but still Claudia is always very nurturing and helpful. Thank you!

  • marlaoc

    super sweet and good

  • abradbury07

    She's the best. I honestly tried a few others before finding her, and the others were slow, unclear and often inaccurate. Claudia has picked up on the situation in what I feel is actually accurate, and states things specific to me- not general statements that could be applied to anyone. Thank you!!!

  • sweetqt777

    I feel that what you are saying makes sense but I honestly don't think he will respond he's been nothing but cowardly so far I'm glad at what you see

  • anonymous

    great advice and detailed

  • pretty64

    Good reading..will see what happen

  • abradbury07

    Connected well, really helped put my mind at ease. Thank you!!

  • eroncherry


  • sheenaamc

    just like a friend. she doesnt judge, she tells it like it the nicest way ever.

  • abradbury07

    She was great! Clear and to the point. Fast typist and words were easily understood. I definitely feel I will return to her for future readings and guidance. Give her a try :)