Terry Mitchell

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Events, Q&A Sessions using Tarot & Dice, Spiritual Cleansings and Compassionate Non Judgmental Conversation!

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $5.99 a Min* *The Per Min is a Christmas special, Usually Its $7.99 per min, take the deal*

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5 Events that WILL Happen... (New Clients Only)

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10 Events (Predictions) for $40 (New Client Deal Only)

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    Las Vegas

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    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $5.99 a Min* *The Per Min is a Christmas special, Usually Its $7.99 per min, take the deal*

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    *EVENT DISCLAIMER* *I do not need Birthdays at all, I need just 2 things from you, Your real first name and a Code word, The code word is: Red. Of course Keep reading* *Its amazing to me how many people do not understand that I read THE FUTURE, These Events May connect to The Present but they May NOT, The People I speak of, The Names I see may be people coming in LATER, Telling me You dont know Someone I mention, Telling me You arent in a Relationship NOW means NOTHING to me* *Events cannot be focused on specific subjects, If you want to know about a guy or a job, do a Per Min Q&A Session Instead* *Once Read I cannot answer questions about The Events* *Events are OFTEN Vague such as 'a man asks you to dinner, You should Go', Names/Dates do come up but not Every Single Reading and If you cannot handle Vague, I would not call* *Clients report Events happening in Days sometimes but more commonly weeks and months and sometimes a Year or More, I have one Client that the Events happened to over a 3 Year period, I told one client she would meet Ben and 3 days later it happened, There is no way to know timelines because of Free will* *Also, Events Wont always be Centered on You, They may be about People around You but will in some way connect back to you or someone in Your life now or long term* *By the way the code word I need isnt really Red, Its Pepper. This is just to make sure you have read the full disclaimer and understand*

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    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events are $85, You Get a FREE MINOR Spiritual Cleansing OPTIONALLY Included in This* *Per Min Q&A Is Available AFTER Events for $6.99 and of course as explained in the disclaimer cannot be about Events that have been revealed*

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Terry Mitchell's reviews

  • bambam1966

    Terry really helps with any problem. His advice really should be followed.

  • nina84

    I’ve read the reviews and I can’t wait to see what’s to unfold

  • shell1234

    Thank you

  • bambam1966

    His events really happen and he really knows his stuff. I just avoided major evil stuff because of his readings.

  • bluerms

    Not sure, a man will poison my drink at a party? a woman will visit me at the hospital after being hospitalized, what? That's just crazy. Not too sure about any of those events.

    Advisor's reply


    These Events are a little worrisome, Just be aware of surroundings

  • keyandra24

    Cant wait to see everything come to pass that was indicated

  • pmeyer10


  • starliteny

    The events help to keep my eyes open and be aware of things in my life. Very helpful!

  • bambam1966

    He's one of the best if not the best. WOW the stuff he averted in my life was on the NEWS! Oh boy is Terry scary right!

  • bambam1966

    Always good readings. You can trust what he says.

  • bambam1966

    He gives great advice and tells the truth.

  • bambam1966

    His events happen all the time. I do his events monthly.

  • angela143

    The predictions seemed interesting. I believe he nailed my current situation within the predictions. Would love to see how this goes.

  • maziasal

    Thank you Terry. I feel non of them make sense for me so far, but I believe in this! Will update you and will come back if any of this comes true! <3 take care

  • staceface

    Thank you.

  • jenn381

    Thank you! Picked up names!

  • sinsalhaeja

    Did this out of curiosity and I definitely believe it is going to happen because I feel quite positive I know which specific people in a few predictions given to me are being referred to. Quite interesting, there's a likelihood I'll be back some point.

  • bambam1966

    He really clarifies a lot. His events are always real. Better than a spy from the future.

  • bambam1966

    Hes really trustworthy and his events do come to pass.

  • ria91

    He spoke in parables but I could understand the meaning. Wondering when this will play out