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$6.99 / minute

Events, Q&A Sessions using Tarot & Dice, Spiritual Cleansings and Compassionate Non Judgmental Conversation!

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $6.99 a Min* *You can now purchase a 10 Min Block of Time for $50* *I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else*

$10 deal

5 Events that WILL Happen--Please Read Disclaimer.

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10 Events for $40

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    Las Vegas

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    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $6.99 a Min* *You can now purchase a 10 Min Block of Time for $50* *I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else*

  • Experience

    *EVENT DISCLAIMER* *Two things I am really GOOD at is Cooking and seeing Events that will happen in and around People's Lives* *When you call I will need three things, Your real first name, Maybe your gender and a code so I know you read the FULL disclaimer, the code is RED* *I cant promise First Names in EVERY Reading Sometimes You just arent given that much information or you are told exactly what you need to know in the moment* *Unfortunately, I cannot answer questions on The Events once I have read them, I cannot focus the Events on a specific subject either BUT You can give me The First Name of someone you would like for me to look for or more than one person and I can do that but I CANT Promise they will come in as Topics are RANDOM* *I usually will see things happening directly in YOUR Life but on occasion, I will see things happening to the people around you, It could be because you can help them or reassure them or Just so you have personal peace of mind that everything will work out, Ok Ok so Maybe I need a # along with the code word, Its 21, Dont forget when I ask for the code to say this Number as well* *Where Clients get upset is USUALLY when I reveal the LONG TERM future. Because Clients, and you can read my reviews to see what I mean, have reported Events happening in as little as an Hour to as long as THREE YEARS, Sometimes I will see Names/Events that have little bearing on Your Current Life, a Good example is seeing a man named Tom taking you on a romantic cruise, Now, You can argue with me that you dont know anyone named Tom but my argument is that you could meet Tom within 3 years no?* *Make sure you dont want to do Q&A, For example if you are hoping I will pick up on an ex, Do a Q&A session instead as Events are as I said earlier, Random Subjects..The actual code word I need is not Red but pans which I can use to cook a nice pie after I read the events for You, Also I do not offer Refunds*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85, This Includes a FREE and OPTIONAL Cleansing* *Per Min Q&A Is Available For $6.99 Per Min and all I need is First Names of anyone involved in the question and can only be done IF New Events are not Available* *You can now Purchase a 10 Min Block of Time for $50 IF Events are Not Due as those come first*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • limegreen4595

    Great psychic told me about my great impact coming to pass before it even started... thank u so osososoo much

  • corgiii

    You're amazing. 2 of the events i can tell it's TRUE already. but theres one says, "a man will sing for a woman".. is that referring to me or others around me??? because other events you used "you" ... left me a bit confused.

    Advisor's reply


    You is You, if I saw a woman-its another woman, not you! :-D and Thanks!

  • jaijeezus

    If you’re wondering about trying it out you definitely should! 5 events for $10 is already a steal and it’s actually very exciting. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again Terry!

  • limegreen4595

    Really picked up on my patent, no 5th floor for me for the reat of my life NO odd numbers forever or balconies...

  • bambam1966

    He sees people you will meet who may be good for you, or bad. He's amazing. I met the guy he warned me about 2 months ago, he was right on target!

  • starliteny

    Wow! These events are exciting!

  • trebelaire

    Very honest and thorough about what he saw! Much appreciated

  • confused2018

    Terry's style is completely different I got the 5 events reading and waiting to see if they come true. Will message if they do. Thank you!!!

  • lins21

    Interesting and very different, will wait on the prediction of the reading. thank you.

  • robot


  • curious123456

    Had a Q&A wifh Terry and he definitely did make some eye opening points that perhaps I had a hunch of. He connected quickly, very professional, and very kind in that he extends time to clarify any point across the table. I surely enjoy our time talking and I’m heading all that you said. Absolutely wonderful!! Give Terry a try!

  • saalabdulla

    Great reading

  • b24

    Slightly confused. But can't wait to see where these 5 events take me. This was something new and I thought I should try it. Excited to see what happens

  • kerisss

    Wow his prediction happened!

  • jess3879

    tried the event reading and it was good. excited to see what happens!

  • jess3879

    very good!!

  • humane

    this dude is legit he know one person a i know let see what will happen

  • xgemilegend

    Short reading, but VERY impactful. Straight to the point, very honest. A wonderful man! Thank you!

  • annacat

    This was a very different type of reading, but it's really fun to read the events he saw for me and watch for them to come true. Thank you!

  • bambam1966

    Terry is GREAT. He names names, tells you what you will be facing, helps direct your decisions to live the best life possible, and helps make your future better. Everyone should try Terry. He will amaze you. Sometimes a month or 2 later, but he will amaze you!