Terry Mitchell

$7.99 / minute

Events, Q&A Sessions using Tarot & Dice, Spiritual Cleansings and Compassionate Non Judgmental Conversation!

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $7.99 a Min* *I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else*

$10 deal

5 Events that WILL Happen... (New Clients Only)

Special offer

10 Events (Predictions) for $40 (New Client Deal Only)

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    Las Vegas

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    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $7.99 a Min* *I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else*

  • Experience

    *EVENT DISCLAIMER* *When You call Please Give me your real first name and The word "Red" This way I know you read the FULL disclaimer below* *I have written this disclaimer dozens of times and people still dont seem to understand, Events may connect to your Present Life and I may mention names of People you currently know but I may also see FUTURE Situations or People, For example, If I tell you that your Job is leading nowhere and you need to pursue Art, It doesnt matter that You currently do not have a Job, this is clearly speaking of a future Job and since Clients come to me to Prevent Negative Events/Paths, You should simply skip the boring Job and go straight to Art* *If I tell you that John will cheat on You, It doesnt matter if You currently have a boyfriend Named John, I am warning you that You should not bother with him once you do meet, He is a cheater* *I may also see Events that are about People around You or that will eventually be around You-for example, a man tells his wife he is going on a business trip, he is lying, later your friend tells you that her husband goes on a lot of business trips* *Events cannot be focused on specific subjects, If You are hoping that I will pick up on your situation, Do not do Events, Tell me Your situation and we can do a Q&A Session Instead* *Once Read I cannot answer questions about The Events* *SOMETIMES Events come in as VAGUE AND GENERAL, This means I could see John asks you to dinner and Nancy buys you a present but I may also see, a man asks you to dinner, a woman buys you a Present, If you want Specific 100%, I am not the right reader for you* *At the start of this disclaimer I told you I would need a code, Its not Red, Its actually the word "Nabisco". Thats just to make sure you read the whole disclaimer*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events are $85, You Get a FREE Spiritual Cleansing OPTIONALLY Included in This* *Per Min Q&A Is Available AFTER Events for $7.99 and of course as explained in the disclaimer cannot be about Events that have been revealed*

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Terry Mitchell's reviews

  • mctgirl

    Glad it was just $10 ...

  • starliteny

    I always look forward to coming here, and waiting for the events to unfold!

  • hhildre81

    5 events. Will wait to see. Thank you

  • daisyflower222

    Thank you, Terry. It was a lovely read. I will return for updates. *Hugs

  • pamela18

    Terry is amazing; he really accurate and very detailed. Will see things unfold as they happen .

  • kayjay


  • angelcake25

    Not sure if events confused. But ok will return if events play out.

  • emilymarie

    Only person I’ll use others are fake. Thank u :)

  • teeholmes

    Waiting them out to see :)

  • purplepurple1

    Thank you so much, incredibly helpful and I know what to do :)

  • rose2

    It was great

  • bambam1966

    He's one of the best. Really good advisor and events do happen.

  • alex223

    If you NEED to fix your life before New Year to make NEW start you need to talk to THE MAN.I will NEVER go to others and he is worth every penny. ...Thank you for changing. My life and speaking the TRUE.

  • bambam1966

    Yes he's good. Very good. His events happen, and he usually names names too.

  • clmoody

    Thank you

  • alex223

    He is SCARY...good way

  • pgblue


  • bambam1966

    He's really great. His advice is solid, and he knows whats up. I cant tell how many times his events have happened.

  • bambam1966

    He's awesome. Really sees the truth.

  • bambam1966

    Terry is the greatest. His advice really should be followed to have a happier life. His events do happen.