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$7.99 / minute

Events, Q&A Sessions using Tarot & Dice, Spiritual Cleansings and Compassionate Non Judgmental Conversation!

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $7.99 a Min* *I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else* *Refund Policy: None, I do not offer refunds*

$10 deal

5 Events that WILL Happen...

Special offer

10 Events (Predictions) for $40 (New Client Deal Only)

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    Las Vegas

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    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $7.99 a Min* *I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else* *Refund Policy: None, I do not offer refunds*

  • Experience

    *EVENT DISCLAIMER* *When You call Please Give me your real first name and a code, This is The word "Red" This way I know you read the FULL disclaimer below* *Events MAY connect to Present Situations in Your life and to People You Know NOW but they MAY NOT--As I see the future, I may see situations & Names that are LONG TERM, Arguing with me that these dont make sense or don't connect to your life or You don't know a Name I mention only tells me you didnt understand this disclaimer-I cant tell you how many times I have had to explain that Events are THE FUTURE, A Great example: You and Your Husband are having trouble having a child..Um Please dont tell me you are not married NOW* *I may also see Events that are connected to People around You but are NOT about You specifically, Keep in Mind that MOST Events can be changed, an Example, a Woman goes on an impulsive date with John and he tries to attack her, Now you know to warn the next friend that tells you she is going on a date with a new man, John* *There is a reason the events are coming in, If one is about a co worker or a patient or a boss and you are thinking, who cares? Think again, There is a reason I am picking the information up* *Clients have reported Events happening between as little as an Hour to as long as 3 years in the future* *Events cannot be focused on specific subjects, Nor can I answer questions about them once revealed* *At the start of this disclaimer I told you I would need a code, Its not "Red", Its actually the word "Parat" Thats just to make sure you read the whole disclaimer*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events are $85, You Get a FREE Spiritual Cleansing OPTIONALLY Included in This* *Separate Cleansings are Available if you do not wish to have Events, Price is based on Energy at the time of the call, Usually Between $5 and $150* *Per Min Q&A Is Available AFTER Events for $7.99 and of course as explained in the disclaimer cannot be about Events that have been revealed*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • cassie711

    Vague, but expected.

  • hydro

    My sister tried him little over a year ago and not one event has happened but I decided to try it myself and it seemed vague which was expected. Not for me but nothing against the reader. Most events just seemed like (unfortunate) everyday situations.Thanks though :)

    Advisor's reply


    Events can be vague but not always + can take as long as 3 years to occur. YW-Blessings!

  • mctgirl

    Glad it was just $10 ...

  • angelcake25

    Not sure if events confused. But ok will return if events play out.

  • teeholmes

    Waiting them out to see :)

  • rose2

    It was great

  • clmoody

    Thank you

  • pgblue


  • bluerms

    Not sure, a man will poison my drink at a party? a woman will visit me at the hospital after being hospitalized, what? That's just crazy. Not too sure about any of those events.

    Advisor's reply


    These Events are a little worrisome, Just be aware of surroundings

  • ria91

    He spoke in parables but I could understand the meaning. Wondering when this will play out

  • sweetqt777

    Nothing resonates but will update if it does I can only be honest ...it has no resonance or context at this time so I can't say anything It may change and there is good feedback Appreciate your time

    Advisor's reply


    No worries, as its the future, it doesnt have to resonate at the moment :D

  • amberaa

    I guess we will see

  • lovingstar22

    Waiting for the events to happen and I'll be back :). Thank you

  • milanessa

    We will wait and see what transpires. The events were quite interesting and one was bad, so we will see. Thank you Terry. Xoxo

  • slc81

    Nothing said made sense. I have no clue about anything but who knows...only time will tell

  • ferns09

    he is nice and polite but i will wait for the events to come to pass and will update.thank you.update:- not seen any signs, predictions did not come true and I don't know whom he is telling me about.

    Advisor's reply


    You just called me 4-5 days ago! Events can take weeks/months to happen! Seriously?!?

  • jpsycho

    I will wait this out and let's see where these events take place and when. Thank you.

  • user3177

    Will sit and wait for prediction to pass and will update

  • paulinakornel

    He was quick and to the point,waiting on to see if it passes

  • dpurelove33

    interesting...need to wait to see hoe things go