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Allow me to give u the spiritual guidance with my abilities. I can help u with all the matters of life specially love and career...

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15mins detail love reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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15$ 20mins reading!!!!

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    Allow me to give u the spiritual guidance with my abilities. I can help u with all the matters of life specially love and career...

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    I’m your spiritual guide who can help u with all the matters of life, specialist in love and relationship…I do have the experience of psychic reading of 10 year… With my reading I will guide peoples to the right track, will make them understand what is wrong and what is right, my expert service includes spell casting, meditation, love reading, soul mate readings and more.. Feel comfortable and contact me with your questions…

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    Natural born god gifted psychic,with 10 years of psychic experience....

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Victoria 's reviews

  • divaphd

    Good info and great insight will update if prediction happen!

  • carmenpadilla90

    Good reading

  • carolcue

    Victoria is spot on with her reading on my current state of mind. She's honest and yet kind. I appreciate all her insights and hope her predictions come true. Thank you Victoria. I will be back for sure ;)

  • clmoody

    still sorta confused but I did let her knw that before I left. pointed some things out but in the same since I don't knw if she was truly connected to my guy. But hey thanks(:

  • clpryor121

    Great reading. A bit vague and felt like I was pulling teeth to get specific insight. I also wish her responses were quicker; kinda felt like time was being stalled. However, she is very kind! Thanks Victoria!

  • taurus123


  • traysolo

    Nice reading, I will wait to see what happens

  • westcoast22

    It was alright, could of been more detailed and my questions were answered

  • mcqueen482

    No comments

  • leecoll89

    Was a decent reading. Didn't connect very well, but I appreciate the insight

  • anonymous

    very very generic. no details at all. mostly, your life wil be good, you need to be confident, your dreams will come true ,,,,,,,,etc. like i said generic. like come onn, where are the details.

  • bcuzimagurl

    Tbh I felt like I received no true answers. Her reading was contradicting..first she spoke about a man i met briefly b4 who is attracted to me..then says i need to open my heart but i need to stop trusting people. Huh?! Then she was unable to tell me what race this person is yet can describe him?! ?!?! Later towards the end she tells me.. If I let it be..huh?! Nothing made sense..she would say one thing..then turn around and say something else. she made no sense and it seemed more like reassurance. Sadly i am dissapointed and feel like it was unfair. Her profile boasted and seems confident....nonetheless no answer to what was a simple question.....