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Allow me to give u the spiritual guidance with my abilities. I can help u with all the matters of life specially love and career...

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15$10mins reading,20$15mins reading,30$20mins all day everyday...

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    Allow me to give u the spiritual guidance with my abilities. I can help u with all the matters of life specially love and career...

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    I’m your spiritual guide who can help u with all the matters of life, specialist in love and relationship…I do have the experience of psychic reading of 10 year… With my reading I will guide peoples to the right track, will make them understand what is wrong and what is right, my expert service includes spell casting, meditation, love reading, soul mate readings and more.. Feel comfortable and contact me with your questions…

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    Natural born god gifted psychic,with 10 years of psychic experience....

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Victoria ‘s reviews

  • shazashoo

    Victoria’s prediction was wrong...the guy I asked actually did the opposite to what she said he would do and is no longer speaking with me.

  • clmoody

    Beats around the bush. Asked a question 3xs and she couldn't answer and please stop harassing me in messaging, as I only gave my opinion here. THANX

  • fittlyfe

    Usually good but today just skipped around my questions n said what ever came to mnd. Even told me to wait n see what happen. Well thats why i contacted u lol.

  • iwona7

    Bad experience. It's not about the things I didn't want to hear but the way she provided the service. I asked specific questions and wanted specific information not general information. I would like a refund.

  • magicdrop


  • joyjohnlocke

    Kept getting disconnected. Not the advisors fault.

  • melancholyrose

    I appreciate that you tried but I left with nothing to help me from this reading. You didn't picked up much, it's okay, I understand that it's not always easy. I would like to ask for a refund please

  • elana

    trust your own intuition and not advisors that will take your money and sway your emotions

  • elana

    could honestly care less about your feelings and will cut you off and also to note will REFUND you the EXACT amount needed so you dont leave a bad review. thank god for god because LIGHT shines through. evil will try to suck on your emotions and suffering. just beware when you are vulnerable to guard the heart when you call people like this for they will FEED on your suffering sad to say. ask your intuition and connect with your heart and you will feel your own answers dear one. This is help from a true angel to suffering souls. you have your answers within . blessings

  • lifeisjoy

    sorry to change my rating, but I don't think my reading was accurate

  • eddiep

    I didn't get nothing from that reading my friend can tell me may be it's because bout future .. I shoulda ask bout my past I guess may be she coulda give something exciting.. nothing at all .. thank God I only pay 9 dollars even it still hurt .. dnt recommend her if you ask bout future may be past question...

  • gnoelle

    Just left the chat at the end of ten minutes even though she clearly stated complete reading was available. Didn't even respond to most questions. She did not even say goodbye she cut me off without notice as time was ending. Vague answers and slow responses. Very rude and unfortunate.

  • mindi

    this would probably be the first time ever that I have left an unsatisfactory review. Now... this is not necessarily becoz of the information provided as there was not much to it anyways. I'm hoping this was bitwine, which if that is the case I apologise but... I had to ask if you were even with me, you were only typing 'yes' when I was expressing my concerns or even asking questions. I have no reason to be angry with what little you did have to say as it was actually nice stuff that anyone in my position would love to hear, I'm just not impressed with asking for a $10 deal and you saying that for my one question asked it required a $15 payment and then pretty much delivering me one or two sentences and then abruptly ending. I hope I get a reply to this, I'm a little disappointed at the moment

    Advisor's reply


    i apologies my network ws disconnected