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Christina is a true Psychic that has helped many find there happiness in there life by channeling there angels and giving them the accurate and careing answers they deserved Stop wondering what tomorrow has in store with 1 call.

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Full Love Reading!!! Just $10 No Time Limit!!

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    Greenville SC

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    Christina is a true Psychic that has helped many find there happiness in there life by channeling there angels and giving them the accurate and careing answers they deserved Stop wondering what tomorrow has in store with 1 call.

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    Hello my name is Christina I would like to thank you for visiting my page. I am a Clairvoyant Master and I have been answering peoples question's in all matters of Love and relationship's accuratly for many years.

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    I would like to take a minute to explain how my gifts and abilities work. First I will ask you for your name and date of birth and any other person that you wish to find out about. Then I will Channel in the Guardian angel's .Once I have a good connection I will ask you what are your direct question's.One at a time.(please have then ready when you call)Once you have asked your question I will be able to give you A accurate answer to any question you may have.Such as When will I find true Love? Is he/she being faithfull? Will we get back together? When will I get married ? Will we have children? Can my broken heart heal?

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Readings By Christina‘s reviews

  • dezina

    sorry Michael, thanks for the refund, which was not as you very well know because you told me the TRUTH but because you wanted a good rating, as per your instructions on the transcript. however,it seems that you are not really gifted at all, I didnt ask if he loved me, just when he may contact! Secondly, it seemed to me you were not connected with us both at all, cos I had to tell you what was going on! Thereafter, you sent a barrage of judgemental,and personal opinions on how you saw the situation! Definitely wasnt a reading per sa! Definitely was personal opinion!

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    I Refunded Your Money Because I Cannot Force Someone To Love You!!!Blessings Be Upon You!

  • julee

    wonderful reading thankyou Michael.........I look forward to speaking with you again!!

  • charlyco

    Quick and straightforward. You've got to love the one's who don't sugarcoat.

  • modelcoach

    what he said remains to be seen... but on the other hand he picked up a good revelation among my friends...

  • jessicac629

    Great reading!

  • debdarlin

    Michael is helping me in so many ways that I did not even have to tell him about. He just knew. What a blessing. He is truly gifted Thank you Michael

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    That Is My Job To Help Others With My Gift..Ty So Much For The Kind Words..I Am Here For U

  • amccracken

    He was great! Answered all my questions. Even the silly ones.

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    Ty For The Kind Words.I am Only A Click Away!!!Blessings Upon You!!!

  • juniper437

    He was extremely kind and generous with his time. I really enjoyed having him read for me, and look forward to his predictions :)

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    Ty So Much For The Kind Words..I Am Happy To Help..Blessings.. Im Only A Click Away!!!

  • mishu

    What a deal, 5 Qs for $5! Michael was spot on, honest, and to the point. I felt good about this reading. If prediction comes to pass, I'll definitely come back! =) Thanks again!

  • debdarlin

    Micheal has such a great sense of humor, as he deals with connection problems. We all know how that can be when stuff just does not do what it is supposed to do. LOL! I got he best news from Michael, and He gave me the best feeling in the world. I am very grateful to him for his guidance. I will be speaking to him again fo sure.

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    Thank You So Much For The Kind Words..Blessings Be Upon You..Im Only A Click Away

  • hopefulsha

    Very honest, straightforward, insightful, & patient with a great sense of humor.

  • bitzy

    I loved this reading, great details, great advice and great all round. Would certainly come back quite easily. Nice one.

  • gocat

    Excellent reading very helpful with the insight.:)

  • anonymous

    v got cut offff :(

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    Hey My Deepest Apologies!! Feel Free to Email Me Your Questions Or Reconnect No Charge!!

  • kimireyes

    First time reading with Michael, but bitwine cut us off. He was nice enough to email me the rest of my reading and answer my questions. Thank you a lot!

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    i apologize for bitwine but ty godbless you for the kind words!! I am here if you need me!

  • rosie

    Very amazing and very detailed reader.Bitwine keeps cutting us off and I keep trying to reconnect. He is that good! Highly recommended!

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    thank yo u so much for the kind words and thats why i am here sweetie to help

  • rosie

    Great reader! Connects really well. Problems with bitwine though. Hope to finish the reading.

  • anonymous

    This reading was more then satisfying. He provided me with more insight then I had bargained for. He's honest, direct and most importantly generous. Thank you, Michae, with your time and insight.