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Love Readings By Selena

Are you confused, lost? I work with my spirit guides and angels, accurate. Let me help you get back to where you want to be in life. contact me today for a better tomorrow!!

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5 minutes! Fast, Accurate And Honest. <3

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10 minutes for 18$ and also 15 minutes for 30$

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    Are you confused, lost? I work with my spirit guides and angels, accurate. Let me help you get back to where you want to be in life. contact me today for a better tomorrow!!

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    My name is Selena, I have been a psychic clairvoyant for many years. I have over 30 years experience, God gave me this gift to help others in there time of need and I will help you in all areas of your life. I am an expert in the field of astrology, dream interpretation, aura reading and the tarot. I am dedicated to help those evolve spiritually and emotionally. I will help you see past any obstacles and get to the heart of the matter. I will give you the tools you need to repair what is broken. My gifts have benefited many and you will see that one call will make the difference in your life as well as those around you. Don't let the chains of the past hold you down. A better future is waiting for you. I am here for you and for the purpose of enlightment and inspiration, answers and solutions. I have helped many of people find happiness in love, relationships, business and family, I am a naturally born psychic. Tell me your problems, speak whats on your mind. Relationship advisor here to help! specific, honest & accurate! My readings are in-depth. You will not be disapointed! I also do Meditations and Cleansings. I HAVE HELPED MANY OF PEOPLE FIND HAPPINESS,NOW LET ME HELP YOU!!! Guidance In All Matters Concerning Life,Love,Relationship,Money,Family & Career

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Psychic Selena Estrada‘s reviews

  • sealy19

    Generic responses.

  • julee

    great reading and very helpful.

  • bunnygirl55

    Fast connection and typing. liked the reading. will be back soon thank you for help too

  • estar05

    Great insight

  • lee8

    Great! I’ll be back again soon :)

    Advisor's reply


    glad i can help looking forward to the next reading.

  • lee8

    Excellent! Really in tune and honest. I’ll be back again. Thanks :)

  • john730

    Thanks a lot for being honest with me! Your reading are so accurate and able to touch on my situation well!!

    Advisor's reply


    your welcome sweetie anytime glad i can help

  • lunarflight

    Superb! Skilled, fast, clear.Thanks for a very enjoyable & informative reading. All the best :)

    Advisor's reply


    your welcome hun many blessings..

  • newlife20142

    thanks. Happy Holidays

    Advisor's reply


    yw hun. happy holidays

  • modelcoach

    lovely reader - so direct

  • breanna07

    Awe! A lovely lady. Thank you so much.

    Advisor's reply


    your welcome hun many blessings..

  • dap3200

    I BEG OF YOU DO NOT GO TO THIS READER. I made the biggest mistake to read with her. We began the reading, then after 5 minutes of fairy tale lies she says im sorry we dont connect took the money and ENDED CHAT. FOR EVERYONE WHO IS SEEKING ANSWERS OR HELP PLEASE GO TO A GENUINE PSYCHIC HERE. SHE IS NOT ONE!! IS A SCAM ARTOST HIDING BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN PREYING ON HURT INDIVIDUALS. THERE are sooo many genuine advisors here use them. BJT PLZZXXZXZZZ I BEG OF U DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCAMMER. I ALREADY LOST MY MONEY

    Advisor's reply


    lies gave full refund ,she is advisor basher gets a thrill leaving bad reveiws!!!

  • butterfly2017

    Succinct and to the point

  • mira1973

    Lovely lady.genuine and clear guidance.

  • newlife20142

    appreciate all

    Advisor's reply


    thanks hun blessings

  • freelu7

    Terrific reader. Helped clear up some decisions I had to make in my life. Thank you again. :)

  • chantelliam

    Very insightful

  • underthestars


  • xgemilegend

    Very reassuring read. Thank you!

  • jtothep323