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FRIENDLY- INTUITIVE- HONEST-NON_JUDGEMENTAL....I can see clearly the blocks in your path and will show you the ways to remove them. I will look deeply into your problems and together we will find the best possible solution..

I will heal , guide and motivate you towards the right path. Honesty may hurt you momentarily, but will have a long term benefit and will help you choose the correct path. I will give you truthful answers, based on my intuitive ability.I have been practicing in this field for years and have extended emotional healing to thousands of people across the world. it is ultimately one’s attempt to try and better another person’s life that has become the guiding principle behind my career mission.I was initiated on my chosen path by the great divine cosmic power and i believe that everything that happens has a reason.

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Simone‘s reviews

  • lotus71

    Solid guidance - thank you!

    Advisor's reply


    Thank you ..

  • lea24

    lovely reader

  • chiqchic

    Fast, detailed, first reading. Thank You

  • end.amaia

    ..i did not expect this, she left the reading in the middle of the conversation without any explanation. Almost all the reading was spent on her explaining the present situation, which I have resumed in one phrase at the beggining of the reading. She was not able to offer any insight about the future and when I said that we have 1 more minute left for the real reading, she bluntly ended the chat. UPDATE: the only one who was rude my dear, is you.

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    The client was rude and frustrated when she came into the chat box and had bad intentions

  • techlysweet

    Contact prediction did not come true... quite disappointed. Will see about the other prediction... I will come back to update

  • nyarina


  • sweets

    I couldn't type more but thank you so much. I really appreciate you advice and guidance today!

  • florrynov

    Thank you so much Appreciate your insights

  • lea24

    seemed very connected with no background details from me and had a good grasp on the past/present so I feel I can trust her guidance regarding the future :)

  • meeee

    Great ready...highly recommend!

  • doreenhsu


  • moonlight81

    I trust ur words with all my heart,thanks so much xoxo I will be patient:)

  • oceane26

    Great reading! Really enjoyed talking to her and her insights

  • alleykol

    We got cut right in the end...but simone has been consistent with her reading with me. I always come to her when i need so clarity.

  • alleykol

    Always lovely to talk too, it's a shame we got cut off. I've been talking to her on and off for nearly an year and she has been pretty accurate in many things. Last we spoke she said contact would come within a week and it happen the following day. I have no reason to doubt her insight so i can only hope in time it will all work out. I highly recommend her.

  • ema

    amazing reader thank u so much xx

  • evelynn0516

    Looking forward to the next few months :)

  • katielouise

    Prediction different from her last one. Last time she predicted we get back together. This time she said to move on. Shea a kind reader though.

  • anonymous

    She was very accurate on the details she picked up...very kind and very straight to the point. I will just go with the flow and come back to update

  • alleykol

    She was lovely to talk too and as far as i can tell was in tune with person i asked about. Gave me a lot of details, helped understand the situation and what to expect. Can only hope for the best. Overall i'm very pleased about the reading. Do give her a try! :)