Jan Klein (angelsjoke)

I met a wonderful man in 2006. His name is Dave and he was born May 31, 1961…(I was born Aug. 24, 1958). We broke up in 2009, but still talk.I’ve been trying to get a psychic to tell me honestly if Dave and I will get back together. I’m very confused by the answers I get because they are so vague. Is there anyone who can tell me honestly if we will get back together? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

over 8 years ago

lorraine (readings_with_lorraine)

hi, I pride myself on being honest with my clients even if it isn’t something they want to hear, it is something they need to hear in order to progress. If given your first name as well, I could show you how DAve feels and what if anything will come your way with him.

Feel free to contact me.

over 8 years ago