Gillian moss (sited31)

David broke up with me in Sept 2009, i miss him so much he now seeing his buisness partner i keep having dreams that he come back to me. ive had readings and most of them said he come back but there predictions havent come to pass i would like a accuarte reading please

over 8 years ago

Aileen (elementalpsychic)

Hi Gillian- avoid psychics that tell you they are “accurate” no one is 100% accurate- thats why the readings are called “predictions”.

Thus your request of “an accurate reading” will never be fulfilled if this makes sense.

the best a ethical reader can do is to read your situation presently and view what pans out regarding this.

if this is something you are interested in messge me and i can tell you what my guides show me regarding you and david.

blessings to you.


over 8 years ago

AnnetteMarie (annettemarie)

Hi Michelle; I work with my spiritual guides and can help answer your questions. I am able to give timeframes and always give honest answers. you can contact me anytime I am usually online 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Love & Light

over 8 years ago

Cassandra (happytoo715)

Hello Sweetheart..I have been through a similar situation..Having constant dreams and such. I can feel your pain Gillian…it sux. =( Let me help you…I want to help you Im happytoo715 on the online physic network.

over 8 years ago