Janet Witt (janet)

I started a new job in January. I have been single ( divorced) for 17 years. I have had relationships, but I have “held out” to find the right one.

There is this doctor that is divorced and who works two days a week in my office. Right away I felt his vibes, but instantly put up the block, for I was coming out of some stressful times and he is not the typical person I’d be interested in.

About two months after working with him, I had a dream in which we were out to lunch and we ended up kissing in the dream. Ever since that dream, I have totally seen him in another light and I have now shifted my interest. I want to know him.

I sense he too likes me and has asked me out for coffee on our lunchbreak. He will overhear something I say to a patient or someone, and he will later on ask me about it. He compliments me to the owner of the practice and has expressed his appreciation of my talents to the practice. He’s shared a few personal things with me. The chemistry is building! I have a sense that he is a bit shy. He seems interested in my hobbies, ie: that I’m writing a book, music, ect.

I am hoping that he will take the next step and ask for a date. I am going to wait, for I am “old school” and feel that the man must be the one to pursue to ensure the best possible start to a balanced relationship.

His bday is 2/18/60 and mine is 8/2/65. I was just curious as to if we will have a chance to explore a relationship and what his feelings are towards me and if so/when approximately? Thanks! :~)

over 8 years ago


Hi Janet! I can help with your questions via mail or chat. Please contact me. Erin

over 8 years ago

Psychic Angeline (psychicangeline)

hi janet seem to me thier is indeed some feelings starting up.i am strongly picking up a vibe that is positive from this contact me let me help guid you into this situation with step by step answers and detailed info.i am picking up that the both of you have had negitivty in love in the past. getting a good vibration from his Dob so lets chat! looking foward to hear from you :)

over 8 years ago

Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

Janet, contact me to request an appointment between 10am and 8pm Pacific time on a weekday for a ten-card tarot reading to confirm your compatibility.

over 8 years ago

Aileen (elementalpsychic)

Hi Janet;

I’d be happy to take a look at this situation for you, please message me or come through via chat/ phone if your interested in a reading.

blessings to you!


over 8 years ago

Cassandra Vanzant (mysticcassandra)

Please get in touch with me and provide his first name. I will be happy to do a reading for you and let you know what will become of this! :)

over 8 years ago

AnnetteMarie (annettemarie)

Hi Janet; I work with my spiritual guides and can help answer your questions. I will provide you with timeframes and always give honest answers. you can contact me anytime I am usually online 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Love & Light

over 8 years ago

Cristina (cristinas.wisdom)

Janet this sounds like a very exciting budding romance between you. Yes I feel he really digs you. And I would love to hear an update in the FREE section of chat if you wish to contact me. SEeing you may have found the one you sought after :)

over 8 years ago

lorraine (readings_with_lorraine)

hi Janet, I’d be happy to see if and how things will progress with this man. feel free to contact me for an honest reading.

over 8 years ago