Anna (misscomplicated)

Does my boyfriend has any plans for our future together? Can I trust him, or will he disappoint me? Does he want a family with me?

9 months ago

Laura powers (psychic_laura1)

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Jennifer Poe (psychicjennifer14)

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9 months ago

Psychic Alinaa (psychicalinaa)

Hi dear,

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God bless you

9 months ago

Psychic sophie (

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9 months ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

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9 months ago

+*+Psychic+ Reader +Amanda+*+ (m1994_)

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9 months ago

Miss Zabrina Love Advisor (zabrina_love_advisor)

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9 months ago

♋♋Sanctity♋♋ (divine_love_advisor)

Hi Dear

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9 months ago

ღ Psychic Medium George ღ (psychicmediumgeorge)

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9 months ago

♍~Guidance By Gina~♍ (loveadvisorgina)

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Miss Angie Spiritual Healer (miss_angie)

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Psychic Sky (psychicsky)

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♚ Astro-King ♚ (astrocare)

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9 months ago

Psychic Sky (psychicsky)

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Honest Dragon Noel K (honestdragon)

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Honest Dragon

9 months ago

Delia Yara (dilyanna)

no, he has not, but he’ll be to admit it (your future together, family) . You can moderately trust him, i don’t see he disappoint to you. ............. text me…I’ll be to read for you

9 months ago

Ms. Anntonette (ms.anntonette)

You will be waiting along time for what u seek from him come chat and i will tell u more

9 months ago

Gifted Ariel (giftedariel12)


9 months ago

Ozarkseer Love & Life Answers~ (honestpsychicozarkseer)

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9 months ago