Please help. Just over a week ago I lost both our wedding and engagement ring. I was angry at the time and can’t find anywhere

about 1 year ago

♍~Guidance By Gina~♍ (loveadvisorgina)

❤II see There will be change for you and you will see the results. I will tell you more after you have a reading with me. I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness. Why worry, wait or wonder? Call me now for clarity!I will tell you exactly what is going to happen and how to fix every problem. I would be happy to help..❤

Love, Light & Blessings.


about 1 year ago

Light On Truth : (psychic_insights)

Hi Dear I will sincerely read and tell you if the connection between two persons is soul mate connection or its just a sexual passion or obsession/vacuum and tell you everything you need to know which will also involve your past,present and future. Blessings Alisha

about 1 year ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, Let me help you and look into spirit and see what have happen with the lost rings and where you put them and about your love life . I see a lot of things through spirit . You need to know some things to change and what is ahead . Try my specials today Come in for a reading and chat , I will give you the truth and more . Blessings

about 1 year ago