Cynthia Conashevick (hopefulcindy)

Experiences with miss Ann, Rachel Marie, Rachel j, lady Kathryn, Beverley Ann, raven Starr and Avalon Starr, domine candrews, eby, Starz4lynn? Anyone have experience with these advisors. Outcomes? Predictions? Timeframes

11 months ago

Jenny Star (pinkandpurpleaura)

I love Rachel J. She’s amazing. She’s in my top 3. I feel she is very accurate and I believe her prediction will come to pass.

Raven Star and Avalon Star are good too. I feel that Raven Star is more connected, though. She predicted my pet sitting business would grow and it already has. I gained 4 clients in a short amount of time. They all pay well. I am hoping her prediction will come true too.. She’s never changed it.

11 months ago

Advisor sophie (

Hi,how are you today? Miss Bella here…. I always satisfy my clients.. and give them reading on the basis of truth and honesty.... you can check my profile and reviews ......

11 months ago