Georgia allen (georgieboy)

For yrs reader said my ex..from several yrs ago …and I would get back together. I forever ago gave up on that..but with recent contacts from him( wanting to hook up)I asked questions on why he is and so on. Some said he’s regretting his decision. .he wants me back .blah blah…well..just found out he had a new kid with his gf he got right after me. Um… did everyone miss that? And from one’s where other stuff indeed has come to pass….besides him being a scum…. !! I don’t get

about 1 year ago

MagicSong (psychicmagicsong)

Something to keep in mind…. readers are human. I like to use the analogy that everyone’s life is a HUGE book, and it is not possible to read/ know it all at once, let alone that of every person connected etc…. and typically readings are only for short periods. Typically readers will focus on the specific questions/ areas of your life, people etc… that you have requested. I know that this is what I do. Now and then “outside stuff” not directly in that line of topic will randomly pop-up as well…. however, this is how and why things outside of the field of what you directly ask for focus on can sometimes be missed. Especially when it involves other outside people etc….all the more so if he himself maybe is feeling detached, and is avoiding that situation/ thinking about it ( at least for me, it would be more likely to pop-up if it stood out as something that someone had heavy focus on, compared to something someone was evading and not putting much thought into).

In reverse, when you come in asking specific questions, you likely would not appreciate it if instead, a reader were to tell you a bunch of outside random info, and waste your time…. when you want that time focused on something specific.

about 1 year ago

Tracey (tsp48)

How short a period do readings see into the future ?

about 1 year ago

Ashley D. (ash_cue44)

Sometimes the energy only shows us what is meant to be shown. Sometimes Spirit purposely blocks me from seeing and feeling things, its up to them basically. Also, use your intuition with what psychics you choose and also how many. The energy can interfere if you read with multiple psychics or “psychic hop” for the same question. Sometime the answer is not mean to be known. xoxo

Ashley D.

about 1 year ago