Makayla Alexis Freeman (makayla20)

Hi I’m Makayla Freeman I was wondering if I’m pregnant because I had unprotected sex 3 times with Israel rivera his birthday is 05/06/1997 mine birthday is 05/06/1997 is there a chance I could be pregnant but I’m so scared and nervous Can someone that’s a psychic help me out with this situation please

12 months ago

+*+Psychic+ Reader +Amanda+*+ (m1994_)

I would love to help you in your situation I am a natural born gifted psychic ive been telling and seeing peoples future for more than 10yrs now I know this is a sensitive subject to talk about but I would love to helpu

12 months ago

Divine_Light_Destiny (psychic_light)

My readings pull on various aspects to give you a full and complete answer. I aim to empower and help you achieve the best.

PLEASE NOTE: due to financial costs related to this business and in order to give you the best possible experiences I no longer do $5 readings. Thank you

12 months ago

Nisha (dhanisha)

Use a pregnancy test kit to find out

12 months ago

ღ♥Advisor Shannon♥ღ (psychic_advisor_shannon)

I agree with Nisha. You don’t need a psychic, you need a doctor or take a test.

12 months ago

Diana Shoshone (shoshone)

the dollar store, and 99 cent store both sell preggers test. I would suggest making an appointment with your dr for a full set of tests

12 months ago

♚ Astro-King ♚ (astrocare)

No Mambo/Jambo, Love/ Life solutions in 10 mins!

12 months ago

TheGoldenOracle (spiritualjade)

I understand this situation is uncomfortable and you want the peace of mind. Regardless of what is seen by any psychic, the real peace of mind is the actual test.

I understand too though you are curious of how this man would take it and what his reaction would be. From what i’m seeing theres an intense connection here but it hasn’t been able to grow to the depth necessary yet and perhaps this is a sign to take stock of the situation and see what youre really expecting to gain from it.

love and light.

xx jade.

11 months ago

Rebo (BitBeer) (rebo)

full name with birthday? really?

11 months ago

Lily Oak (lilyoak)

Please go see a doctor or get to a free clinic pharmacy, regardless of how good a reader is, until you have a concrete test result you won’t be at ease.

11 months ago

Angel Messaging by Angelica (angelmessagingbyangelica)

I have the answer. Take me into chat. I am online :)

11 months ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, Let me help you right away , and look into spirit . I read the spirit and see what spirit is showing if you are pregnant or not . I see a lot through spirit . Try my specials to day . I will give you the truth and much more. On line now – Come in for a reading and chat. Blessings

11 months ago