RoseP (rosemarylove192)

Things were good between Tee and I at first (4/18/97) but they’re not the best now. Should I trust him? I don’t know how to feel about us and where our relationship is headed

about 1 year ago

Miss tula (miss_tula)


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marva.lee (sunn10020)

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about 1 year ago

Psychic Alinaa (psychicalinaa)

Hi dear,

I see things are not going smooth and that’s why you are duel mind but you must do something to handle this relationship.I will tell you about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

about 1 year ago

Jodee Lynn (light4you)

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❤️PSYCHIC--SANDRA❤️ (psychic_care)

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Twin Expert Hema (psychichema)

Hi dear

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Best Wishes! Hema

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+*+Psychic+ Reader +Amanda+*+ (m1994_)

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xoxo amanda

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Psychic Hekite (psychicreadersunited)

There are some reasons for trust and some that just can not go forward. Contact me for a reading.

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☪️ Psychic Audrey ☪️ (psychicreaderaudrey)

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blessings Audrey,

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Miss Angie Spiritual Healer (miss_angie)

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