Brit (cowgirlupbf32)

Everyone I talk to has told me this and that and nothing has panNed out…..I’m still single n it’s not looking good

about 1 year ago

Jodee Lynn (light4you)

Only 99 cent a min/ contact me today !

about 1 year ago

❤️PSYCHIC--SANDRA❤️ (psychic_care)

I am a clairvoyant reader with strong medium ability. I will answer questions about love, money, cheating with accuracy, directly from Spirit. I am a clairvoyant reader with medium gifts. I have been reading professionally since 1998 and have enlightened hundreds of customers across the country.

about 1 year ago

Twin Expert Hema (psychichema)

Hi dear

Come and see me if you are looking for answers.

There is a solution for everything. Contact me for solutions and your queries..

Best Wishes! Hema

about 1 year ago

Dorothy Ely (advisorhealer_dorothy)

you have to stay positive! faith and destiny will come through! but maybe something is blocked contact me for a reading

about 1 year ago

Miss tula (miss_tula)

call or make an apt to talk to me today I may be able to help you with what your dealing with. you feel as if your not getting anywhere with anyone dear.

about 1 year ago

Tracey (tsp48)

I have yet to have predictions come to pass because I have yet to make the time period yet but… Dino , Spiritual Andrea and Stars4Lynn seemed to really connect with my situation….Hoping they will be correct with their predictions. I also think that this sites only allowing us to add a review for two weeks after a reading is a terrible policy. A lot of predictions are not supposed to come to pass until a month or two after the reading so how my supposed to go back and say if it happened or didn’t? Consumers are looking for that they’re looking to see that they got results in a people cannot post it how are we supposed to know about it?

about 1 year ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, Let me help you and give you full accurate insight through spirit . I read the spirit of the situation and give you the truth and much more. And what you have to avoid , and if the person is right or what the is thinking toward you . Try my specials today . Come in for a reading and chat. Blessings

about 1 year ago