Queenie1 (queenie1)

I like this guy, we talk which is nice he approached me first in conversation and we talk on the phone is it love or just Friendship, we hung out the other night I was going go alone but he didn’t want me to be alone and at the end of the night he gave me a half hug!

about 1 year ago

Miss tula (miss_tula)


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marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see what is ahead around this person with you for the future , I see a lot ahead happening for the future and much more . Try my specials today . Come in for a reading and chat , I know I can help you and give you insight and details . Blessings

about 1 year ago

Spiritual Maria (spiritual_maria)

Hi my name is Maria, come have a chat with me i can help give you full details about your current future outlook and career and relationship and let you know what he is thinking, im fast and highly accurate.

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TheGoldenOracle (spiritualjade)

theres potential here but you need to keep it at a friendship for now, don’t be pushy to rush it but it can develop <3>

love and light

about 1 year ago

Laura powers (psychic_laura1)


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Light On Truth : (psychic_insights)

I work with The Tarot and The Spirits around both yourself and me to answer your questions truthfully.

You may not always like what you hear in a reading with me however you can rest assured I will ONLY GIVE THE TRUTH.

I use my gift to guide you, it’s your choice how you use the information I pass on to you from the Cards or Spirits.

When reading with you, I will help you to become empowered by the knowledge you now have and really feel secure in the path that you are walking.

about 1 year ago

☪Twin⋆Expert☪ (online_love_readings)

Hello dear,

I come from 4 generations of psychics past down in my family history. I have helped the police find people and worked for the lost children’s foundation. I have read for many important people and told them about the successes they will reach. I have confidence in my abilities that you will be so relieved to get your answers. Do not feel alone with your situation, let’s get the answers YOU DESERVE!!

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♋♋Sanctity♋♋ (divine_love_advisor)

I am natural born god gifted psychic,connect with spirits and i can read tarot cards and inform you about your future..I am interested to help the people in achieving their goals..I will give you direct and honest answers.I can connect with your conditions and assist you in directions of your life.I do not give false hopes.I specialize in all matters of the heart as well as questions about your life path. I am honest,and you will satisfied by me after getting a connection from me..

Key 2 Love

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+*+Psychic+ Reader +Amanda+*+ (m1994_)

I see your confusion this could be your chance to have something real! I’m online come chat with me now

xoxo Amanda

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Psychic Hekite (psychicreadersunited)

Contact me for a reading to get you answers on what is best.

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☪️ Psychic Audrey ☪️ (psychicreaderaudrey)

hello my name is audrey I would love to go into a reading for you and give you insight and clarity on your situation and let you know whats in store, your more then welcome to chat with me I’m having reduced rates today only!

blessings Audrey,

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Miss Angie Spiritual Healer (miss_angie)

Hello my name is Miss Angie, I’m a spiritual healer I have over 15 years of experience, I can provide you with peace, clarity and a better understanding of whats to come. One of my most popular reading is a crystal reading for $25 it will tell you past, present, and future and also answer all your questions with dates and time frames. with no time limit. Call now and we can get through this together.

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