Hey:) (cyndia)

what’s your favorite solar return calculator?

about 1 year ago

SunTiger (mystic_suntiger)

Gotta admit I’m not an expert on solar returns. I put a lot more energy into studying moon cycles because it seems like so much more chaos happens around a full moon (I observed this when I worked the emergency room in a hospital; and more babies were also born during the full moon).

Meanwhile? I’m really glad you posted this question because it makes me want to study Solar Returns more in depth.


about 1 year ago

Hey:) (cyndia)

Yes I been getting into it lately and just couldn’t find the right software that is able to pin point it precisely.

Now what have me wondering is if we should celebrate our birthday in another country if that place is to give us a better solar return chart?

Our natal chart is our birth stamp during our time and place of birth…but if we move and goto another country or state, we carry that stamp with us…it didn’t change base on our movement…so perhaps it’s the same as solar return? Thoughts?

Namasté! You’re a yogini too?

But I guess all these solar return, natal chart wouldn’t matter if we lose our ego…

I have been loving full moons lately…especially the watery types…don’t know why but makes me feel calm inside…unlike years ago me. Haha

about 1 year ago

LeeLoo's Esotericorner (lunamadalina)

I would use astrodienst :) I prefer to use the SR for your place of birth. But many astrologers use the place of the SR that year, it is a common practice to do so.

For your query, I would additionally study the relocation chart. :)

about 1 year ago