My boyfriend and I have broken up twice now and I miss him terribly. While we were together, everything was fine and he seemed happy, but both breakups were sudden and he just shut me out completely.

The first breakup was over another woman he was spending time with (I let him go), and after things didn’t work out with her, he came back, asking for forgiveness and working his butt off to win back my trust. It was hard, but I felt things were progressing in terms of practicing honest communication and understanding. Then out of the blue, he left me again in search of a fresh start in life. Now he’s with someone else and says he’s in love. We broke up in May. They’ve been together since July.

I realize he has a lot of growing up to do and life experiences to have. He is impulsive and jumps into decisions without thinking. And I have a lot of healing to do on my own. But I hadn’t had a connection like that in years, and keep placing special significance to it, with hopes of coming together again in the future. Am I being ridiculous? My dob is 4/29/70. His is 4/6/79

Thanks and Namaste

over 8 years ago

jenny Fardell (garnetta)

Will it be worth it? On and off? Heartbreak after heartbreak? Building up the excitement and expectation to have it squished time and time again? And more importantly, are you happy for him to ALWAYS call the shots? Is that a good basis for a relationship, when you follow him and his agenda for how HE wants the relationship to work? Basically, most men can connect great when they want something, and are very good at breaking it off when they feel like it. And turning it back on with charm and apologies when it suits. I’m sorry, sweetheart, but this guy is jumping from woman to woman like a flea! And, understandably because you still want him, you are trying to excuse his behaviour by saying he just needs to grow up and he’s impulsive. Men like this hardly ever change. The grass is always greener, and as long as the old pasture is still available, they can play around as much as they want. You deserve better. You really do. You don’t need to heal on your own, we’ve all been here. And it’ll be easier to mend when you make the decision as to whether he’s worth the ups and downs, and when you realise you have the right to be in control of this. You’ll find, maybe when you start looking back, that you shared a lot more of yourself than he did of himself? And the more he cut you off, the more you shared trying to figure out what happened and re-connect with him? But this is how men work. They make out they’re interested and hear what you’re saying because it’s interesting and fun for a while. Then they get bored because it usually ends in every date becoming meaningful and intense, then they’re off leaving you wondering what the hell you’ve said and done to make him abandon you? Yeah, I’m still working this out. A guy I thought I’d just connected with big time hasn’t replied to a couple of texts recently. It sucks. You will find someone else, I’m sure, When you do, keep him on his toes (but don’t go all cold and aloof). Lots of luck.

over 8 years ago

Spiritual Healer Chanel (psychicchanel)

Hi, I am sorry to hear that you’ve been through so much. But it seems to me that even though phsycally you are apart, emotionally you are still attached, but you’re still confused and very much lost inside on finding closure. I would love to talk to you. Please contact me. Thanks!

over 8 years ago


Im not a psychic but just from reading it I think that you should just move on. YOu dont deserve someone like that.

over 8 years ago