Alon Cohen (alon)

I have interviewed Dr Saurabh just to find a well versed, hardworking, kindhearted and understanding doctor that can help with your healthcare related problems.

Dr. Saurabh indicated that he now reside in India and actually makes a decent income from answering calls over the internet.

You can check the Doctor’s website at:


Go directly to his BitWine page at:

Dr. Saurabh uses two main services for talking to patients, Kasambe and BitWine.

BitWine is the only service Dr. Saurabh use that provides Video and enables the patient to see the doctor and the doctor to see the patient, and it helps to deal with a wider set of problems that may require visual aspects of diagnostics.

At this point, BitWine is the only service that offers confidentiality of the Text Chat or conversation with the Doctor. The high level of security and privacy is achieved by the use of the advanced security features intrinsic to Skype 3.0. Other services usually record your text chat for their own purposes, which we find inappropriate for Patient-Doctor confidentiality even if your name is masked from the doctor.

We also learned from talking to other Advisors that other Text Based services charge higher commissions from the Advisors, and that those commissions increase if you want to use voice instead of text.

BitWine provides Text, Video & Voice with no commission at this point.


over 11 years ago