Alon Cohen (alon)

Neil is a professional photographer with entrepreneurial spirit who has decided to expand his ability to instruct people beyond his immediate locale in Wayne, NJ. BitWine enabled Neil to do just that.

Neil offers tutoring and instruction for photographers who are struggling with aspects of flash photography and digital photography.

The intention with the tutorial session is to help the other photographer grasp whichever aspects had been elusive up until then – whether it is a technique, or bit of theory – and then have things suddenly fall into place. What Neil is striving for, are for a few “aaaah, NOW I get it!” moments.

There are three ways in which Neil may be able to help you:

- One on one tutoring - mini-seminars (If you arrange it, he will come) - Micro Seminars online via Bitwine, using web-camera and Skype.

To learn more about Neil check his web site:

Or go to Neil’s BitWine profile at:


over 11 years ago