Alon Cohen (alon)

If you think only Magic can fix your computer, you may not be far off

I recently encountered Scott

Scott service is called Majic, speaking to Scott for few hours, I came to realize that he posses powers only few people have. He is very patient, he has a collection of tools that can save lot’s of time. He is fair in his charges, he can help you install effective tools that are free (as he told me “I like free”).

Scott was recently interviewed for a TV show about his BitWine practice providing help desk services, and I am sure you will see his video (on-line) as soon as the TV station releases that for on-line viewers.

Some of the Areas Covered by Scott:

  1. File Management: Networking, BackUps, Security, Basic Commands.
  1. Multimedia: Video Editing, Imaging, Conversions, DVD Burning.
  1. Software: Bookkeeping, Word processing, Photography, Databases, Spreadsheets, Scanning, OCR.
  1. Hardware: Printers, Routers, Wireless, Telephony, Voip, Storage, Flash Drives.
  1. Webmaster: Html. JS. CSS, Frames, Targets, MetaData, FTP, Domains.
  1. On-Line: Email, Browsing, Downloading, Auctions, Voip ...

over 11 years ago