Heavenly Sunshine (heavenlyarchangel12)

My specialties is mindfulness, meditation, visualization, mental toughness, the middle way. I’m a spiritual teacher, mental toughness coach, and I don’t teach anyone, anything I have done myself, experienced, walked through myself.

I am well educated in the spiritual/religious, teachings world-wide, different branches of psychology. I’ve already been through the feminine journey, and Generation X. I can help Introverts learn to be more resilient in the romantic relationships, and build a strong foundation for marriage. I can coach you through the obstacles of the relationship, career, and help you achieve success.

I base things off of intuition, wisdom, knowledge, and experience. All of them work together.

I use evolutionary astrology, to help the client grow in their relationships and succeed and thrive.

There are different types of astrology, and different types of astrologers. When it comes to dating you are the main key. Your mindset, your belief system, your philosophy, and how you perceive the world. Astrology is a bit like Trigonomotry, so there are to many dynamics, and layers of information. I try to keep it simple as possible where you can understand it.

When evaluating a couple, I use different charts. Synastry, Davison, Natal, Composite. It’s an imperative look at all of them to get the bigger picture. You are the main focus when looking at a chart, because it is your chart. A snapshot of who you are. And the other is snapshot of them and how your energy blends together. How your relationship evolves and grows through various stages.

If you’re interested in growing, reaching your best self, I can try to help you with the best of my abilities.

about 1 year ago