The Sibyl (Mia A.) (thesibyl)

Hello there!

This is Mia, my approach to Tarot is very practical and down to earth. I believe that each one of us are ultimately responsible for most of what happens to us. You don’t like it? The good news is that when we acknowledge our responsibility within the situation, we also realize our power to change them and redirect them towards something better and fulfilling.

I do offer prediction, but what I really love is to create an environment of trust, where situations are analyzed and problems are solved.

What is better than telling you what is going to happen? Telling you how you can make it happen.

Perhaps you are tied to a toxic situation that is making you miserable. What about discovering the tools to get out of it and walk towards your bliss?

Sometimes you need to be willing to have a hard time in order to overcome your unpleasant situations. Sometimes there is no way out but through, and it is uncomfortable.

I am not going to sell you easy paths and fairy tales, but together we can find a way to make the best out of what you have.

about 1 year ago