AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Offer the flower of non-violence (ahimsa) to God. We regard ahimsa to mean not to cause harm and hurt to other living beings. The true meaning of ‘Ahimsa’ is to not cause hurt and harm through thoughts, words or deeds. The control of your sense organs is another flower that must be offered to God. Our senses run without any control. If running horses are not controlled, they pose a danger. God has created each organ of the human body for a specific purpose. It is only when we use these sensory organs along the right path for which they have been created will we be entitled to God’s grace. Our inner strength will decrease rapidly with agitation or unnecessary sorrow; body also suffers illness due to mental agitations and distractions. One ages very quickly through excitement and sorrow. The reason for your not preserving this sacred instrument in sound condition is lack of control over these sensory organs. Hence the second flower of sensory control should be used for worshipping God.

9 months ago