AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Are the flowers you offer in worship created by you? You bring flowers which were created by the Will (sankalpa) of God on some tree or garden and offer it back to the Creator Himself. What is the greatness in offering flowers created by God and giving them back to God Himself? Many people bathe in the Ganges, take the water from the Ganges into their palms and offer it back to the Ganges itself. Is there any merit in this? Let me suggest a better alternative to offer to God. From the tree of your life, select the fruits that you have carefully nurtured and grown, blossoming in the form of good qualities from within, and offer them to God! There is some distinctiveness in that! To promote these good qualities, you may have had to undergo several troubles. But remember, it is through troubles these good qualities have grown and your mind now naturally acquires divine concentration!

11 months ago