AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

The world around is full of sorrow and strife; you are trying to avoid them and derive a little joy and peace somehow, overlooking the grief and disappointment. Your efforts are like digging a well in a sand heap. The deeper you dig, the faster it caves in, and then, you begin the whole process at a slightly different place! When piles of sensual desires overwhelm you and drag you down to grief, you think of a way out! The only way to get everlasting joy is through Bhakti (devotion); that is the best among the yuktis (the paths dictated by intelligence). That alone gives the shakti (the strength). The seed of devotion grows only in a well-prepared ground. The method of preparation is given in the Vedas. It clearly articulates the code of conduct, the method of living and the ideals to be followed. Adhere to the code of conduct. Even if you have not been able to study the Vedas, listen to the words of those who follow its teachings and have been overcome by the joy of that experience!

10 months ago