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Putlibai, Gandhi mother observed a vow wherein she would not take food until she heard a cuckoo sing. One day, she waited long and the song of a cuckoo was not heard. Worried that his mother is sticking to her vow and not taking food, young Gandhi went behind the house and mimicked a cuckoo singing. He came inside and told his mother to have her food as the cuckoo sang. Mother Putlibai felt very sad as she knew her son was lying. She cried, “O God! What sin have I committed to give birth to a son who speaks untruth?” Realising the immense grief he caused to his mother by uttering a lie, Gandhi took a vow that he would never indulge in falsehood thenceforth. Mothers, train your children in moral values and do not overlook your children’s mistakes. You must reform them whenever they stray away from the right path and reward them for their good deeds.

9 months ago