AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Swami frequently exhorts the devotees, “Lead your life’s journey with the help of human values.” Let your daily life be suffused with truth (Sathya), righteousness (Dharma), peace (Shanthi) and love (Prema). God is Truth (Atma). Dharma is the duty that every one of us must perform earnestly. Hence, discharge your dharma with truth. These two are in fact the only spiritual practice (Sadhana) you must undertake. These two alone will protect you in every way, all the time. They alleviate all sorrows and difficulties. No human being, during the course of his or her life’s sojourn in this physical world should give up truth and righteousness (Sathya and Dharma). Truth must be experienced in one’s heart, while righteousness has to be reflected in one’s deeds. Never forget, Love is God. Whatever activity you undertake with love, it becomes a success.

9 months ago