AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Just as the body is the house you live in, the world is the body of God. An ant biting the little finger of your foot is able to draw your full attention to the spot, and you react to that pain immediately. You must similarly feel the pain, misery, joy or elation, wherever it is present; you must make an effort to protect your countries and fellow countrymen, however remote may be the place where the suffering occurs. Be kind with all your kith and kin. Expand your empathy; serve others who are in need to the extent your skill and resources permit you. Do not fritter away your talents in profitless channels. Everyone consumes a large quantity of food, but never calculates what one does in return to the society that helped one to live! The food you eat must be transformed into service, either towards one’s best interest, or for the interests of others. You should not be a burden on others or an enemy of yourself.

about 1 year ago