Heavenly Sunshine (heavenlyarchangel12)

One of the things most couples are unaware of in their relationships, is they can self-sabotage themselves and other individuals at the same time.

Self-sabotage and sabotaging others comes out of a fear-based reality. All men and women can be emotionally and mentally wounded from childhood and also past romantic relationships.

I wills use the three fire signs for an example.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius can be quick to pass judgment, become very egotistic in their approach to relationships.

Aries can be all about themselves. Self-absorbed, the go-getter, and because it’s ruled by mars may cross boundaries to get what it wants and finds relationships competitive.

Aries can say things they wish they didn’t say, and hurt other peoples feelings. Aries may not be considerate about the other persons emotions and feelings, and will speak their truth. They’re the hunter and love the chase.

Leo can be attention seeking and want all eyes on them. They can also be self-absorbed, want to be center stage, want to be entertained, and if they don’t have your attention, they may do something dramatic to get your attention. Leo wants your full attention and will do anything to get it.

Sagittarius can be the know it all. They spend a lot of time lapping up knowledge, wisdom, and insight. While they may have a lot of knowledge, they can be a bit preachy, self-righteous, and get in arguments because they’re all about the natural law and ruled by Jupiter. They’re a natural teacher and demand their freedom to travel in their mind and the physical to get the answers. They love knowing everything, which can get them into trouble with others because they have to allow others to grow at their own pace.

These three are Extroverted Signs and the fire element.

This is just a sample of the dynamics of the 12 archetypes, and how they are subselves in one’s natal chart. When you have a couple, you have two individuals who are multi-dimensional, have their certain soul lessons to learn, and must evolve over their life time into their full potential.

When one self-sabtages or sabotages others, it’s usually out of their ego (false self). The soul (Authentic Self) is who they’re meant to evolve into in this life time. In the younger years it is difficult, because they’re living out of fear, survival mode, wearing a mask, and wounding one another, because everyone around them is doing the same through their interactions. They’re following the crowd, in lower consciousness, and allow other individuals to project a certain reality on to them.

Know thyself is key to understanding the true authentic self. When couples awaken, this is usually when they first understand they can’t play by the same rules they’ve been taught in their younger years. They must shed all the negative emotional and thought patterns they’ve picked up along the way. They must shed the bad habits, the addictions, and start taking personal responsibility for their actions, thoughts, and feelings.

If they do not take personal responsibility, they will keep sabotaging themselves and their relationships. It’s impossible to avoid change, transformation, and evolution. While one may resist, deny, or struggle with change, they will still have to face, they must do something different to get different results.

When one sabotages others through gossip, rumors, attacking someone’s character, and core personality, it is usually out of jealousy, anger, resentment, envy, hostility, and an emotional wound which needs to be healed within themselves.

They are acting out of fear and harming themselves more than the other individual. It does say a lot about one’s character when they refuse to step out of the drama and trauma.

All of us live in an addictive culture, which promotes victimhood. When one decides they no longer want to play the victim, they can take their personal power back and not play the part of the victim or victimize other individuals through their words, actions, and thoughts. They don't need to sabotage others to be successful in life. The real enemy is themselves, versus projecting on the external world everyone is the enemy and out to get me.

about 1 year ago