AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Today people are not making proper use of their mind (mati), effort (gati), position (stiti) and wealth (sampathi), and losing the sacred energy that God has gifted. Not merely this, they are subjected to misery and grief because of evil traits like desire, anger and greed (kama, krodha and lobha). People absolutely have no control over their desires. When one desire is fulfilled, they crave for another. Anger is another evil trait which ruins. Hatred is more dangerous than anger. These give rise to many evil qualities which obstruct you from experiencing Divinity. You will also be tormented by the reflection, reaction and resound of your own evil qualities. Desire, anger and hatred are not human qualities; they are bestial tendencies. You will become a beast if you allow these wicked qualities to overpower you. Hence, constantly remind yourself that you are a human being and not a beast, and subdue these tendencies and enjoy a happy life.

about 1 year ago