AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

A millionaire pays income-tax with tears in his eyes; a headmaster joyfully gives up the furniture and laboratory appliances of his school when he is transferred to some other place. Why? Because the headmaster knows that he is only the caretaker, not the owner. He is not attached to these articles; he knows that they belong to the government. So too, feel that your family, house, property, car, etc. are all the Lord’s property and that you are only the trustee; be ready to give them up without a murmur at a moment’s notice. Sacred scriptures contain the drugs to cure attachment and endow you with the strength of detachment. Sacrifice (Tyaga) does not mean that you should not value things; you may even care for them. But always remember that they are transient, that the joy they give is trivial and temporary. Know their real worth; do not over-estimate them. Do not develop attachment (moha) towards them.

about 1 year ago