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In Indian mythology, there is an accountant in the court of Yama (the King of Death) by name Chitragupta (the name means ‘secret picture’). Chitragupta maintains a register of the good and bad done by each living being, and on the death of that person, he brings the books to the court and strikes the balance between debit and credit. Yama, the king then metes out the punishment that can expiate and educate. This Chitragupta’s office is actually in the mind of every human, all the time awake and alert! What Chitragupta does is to ‘picture’ all the secret promptings that blossom into activity; he notes the warning signals as well as the occasions when those signals were ignored or wantonly disregarded. Beware! You must see that the warning of the Divine against the merely human, or even the bestial inclinations are always heeded!

about 1 year ago