AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Every being must attain fulfilment; that is the destiny, however hard and long be the journey. When and how are determined by the cumulative effects of many lives. Do not forget, the effects are shaped not only by your actions but even more by the motives that induce action. Everyone builds his own fortune or misfortune. Your present condition is the consequence of past actions and motives. That said, can you assert that in this journey, others are superfluous, that one need not and should not seek help from another? No! In order to attain fulfilment in spirituality, the guidance of those who mastered the path is essential. Logic can develop only skill and cleverness. Experience achieved through intuition alone is valid. From intuition to attain illumination, layers of egoism and its evils must be penetrated and destroyed. He who has reached the goal can alone guide the pilgrim to it. A Guru will be of great help in this journey!

about 1 year ago