AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

Today science has advanced to a great extent! Human beings have undertaken space travel. People want to know what is there in space, they are curious to know what is there in the moon and even wish to travel to the Sun. But what is the use? First recognise the Divinity within yourself. Open the doors of your heart. Develop love more and more. Understand the truth. Experience God. There lies the bliss. It is very easy to know God, but very few understand this. You must make every effort to understand the immanent Divinity. The divinity within is covered by ego and anger. Therefore, it is said, real knowledge dawns only when attachment is destroyed (Moham hithva punar vidya). Where does this attachment come from? Excessive desires lead to attachment. You will experience divinity everywhere when you enquire deep within!

about 1 year ago