AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

A true human being is one who faces life’s difficulties with fortitude and overcomes them. For this, what is required is strength of the Spirit. Without spiritual strength, all other things are valueless. Whatever spiritual discipline you may practise or not, cultivate love for all. Offer that love as a divine offering to all. Only through love can world unity be promoted. It is because of the absence of love that all kinds of differences arise. Love is God. Live in Love. Make this the ruling principle of your life. Embodiments of Divine Love! Remember always that God permeates everything in the cosmos. Everything you experience is Divine. Everything you see is Divine. What you eat is Divine. The air you breathe is Divine. You cannot see the air, nor can you grasp it. Likewise you cannot grasp God. The eyes cannot see Him. He can only be experienced in the heart. He is beyond the mind.

about 1 year ago