AstroMaestro (astromaestro)

We must shape ourselves into fit instruments for the spiritual pilgrimage. There are four categories of people: The first and best category is those who pay attention to their own faults and the excellences of others. The second category consists of those who highlight their own excellences as well as the excellences of others (the middlings). The third category (the worse type) is that of those who pay attention to their own excellences and only to the faults of others, and the fourth category (the worst) is of those who present their own faults as excellences and the excellences of others as faults. Each one of you can discover for yourself which category you belong to. Remember this: If you are yearning to become aware of the Full, the Sacred, the Divine Love, the Eternal Soul, the Lord (Bhagawan), you must prepare yourself to be part of the first and best group. Discover your own faults and observe others’ excellences. This is the most desirable spiritual practice.

about 1 year ago