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$2.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot

$10 deal: Detail 2-3 paragraphed email answering 5 questions

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Love Guidance, Meditations, Psychic Medium & ...

$10 deal: I will tell you what you'r dream(s)mean and there

Special offer: Healing of the Mind ,Body & Soul.Cleansings available

Hans Miniar Jónsson

$0.99 / minute

Meditations, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot

$10 deal: I will find or create for you a rune-stave and pro

Special offer: FREE one card consultation per client, valid only this October.

Jackie Chin

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Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot

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Cassandra - Intuitive Tarot...

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New Age, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot

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The Occult, Home-Based Business, Books

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Psychic Asma

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Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing ...

$10 deal: I am offering Love & Relationship Guidance, Soulma

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Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritual ...

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Love Guidance, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritualism

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Spiritual Coaching, The Occult, Spiritualism

$10 deal: I'll prepare complete, accurate and reliable numer