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The Occult


New advisor 185 reviews

$1.99 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: Get Powerful insight on Love & Life matters..

Special offer: 15mins/25$, 30/40$, 45/55$.

Xeena gilbert

$1.49 / minute

Love Guidance, The Occult, Spiritualism

$10 deal: 10 mins of quick connection and fast reading.

Special offer: $40 for healing combined with 15 mins reading

Spiritual Advisor Denise

€1.49 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot, The Occult

$10 deal: 10MIN,No Mambo Jambo,TO D POINT LOVE/LIFE Reading.

Special offer: EURO 20/18min, 35 /30min , 50/40min .GET FULL DETAIL READING.★


€0.99 / minute

Tarot, Reiki, The Occult

$10 deal: 12Min.★Relationship Issues★Lets RESOLVE★★call me!!

Special offer: ★Deals $20 & $ 40, GET FULL DETAIL READING.★


$5.99 / minute

Love Guidance, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: A 3 card tarot draw on one question for you!

Special offer: Special for a flat fee of $300 receive 30 readings.

Rares Mardare

€4.50 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: none available at this time

Special offer: 10min-30e, 30min-85e, 40min-115e, 1h-150e

Miss Ann

$2.79 / minute

Love Guidance, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: Introspective karmic lesson and goal reading.

Achharya Jaydev

$2.99 / minute

Astrology, Parapsychology, The Occult

Special offer: Full Horoscope reading 90$ 1 hour Approx

Angelina shadows

$2.50 / minute

The Occult, Tarot, Love Guidance

$10 deal: 2Q clarity peace of mind honest answers call now

Special offer: 70$ total spiritual detox, purge negativity stress and anxiety

Jennifer Louise Hay

$3.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Spiritual Coaching, The Occult

$10 deal: Three direct questions over seven minutes.

Special offer: Free email advice with every 20+ minute reading. Call me for details!